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We offer fast service to the North West Georgia areas. Yes, we can change your locks, but we also provide custom door and lock solutions. Let’s discuss your lock and door needs.


A secure home is a happy home. 


Spend time thinking about your business, not your locks.


We can do all the cool stuff you’re thinking about.

Solid locks are built on trust.

Our trusted professionals are happy to provide 24 hour locksmith services and advanced security solutions for the NW Metro Atlanta area.

What our Customers Have To Say

“What a great experience with Rob! I called and he was there in a flash and the job was done within minutes…
I know not every job is the same, but I was blown away by the speed, precision, and professionalism of this company and my experience couldn’t be rated higher!”

“They showed up on time, kept me informed of progress & very professional and friendly. The price was exactly what was quoted. Went above and beyond what I expected. Will be my locksmith for as long as I live in GA.”

“Fast quality is what you come to expect from a company like this! Will be using them for all my key and lock needs from here on out.”